A recent report by the United Nations (2015) estimates that over half of the population of Nigerians are below the age of 18!

Surprising, isn’t it? So that makes the ‘minority’ the new ‘majority’ and it is only expedient that this new class of majority are equipped for the new world and all its seeks to bring.

This program is set out to reshape the minds of young student, teaching and coaching them on the fundamentals that makes great. Coaching on Skill acquisition and development, self development and self discipline.

It also seeks to develop their hidden talent and encourage them to embrace it for a better and prosperous future for the country as a whole. Key Areas we cover in the club Includes

1. Public speaking,

– Storytelling

– The power in your Voice

– The art of critiquing

2. Leadership and service

– Teamwork

– Lead from where you are

– Conflict Management

– Appreciation/ listening skills

3. Cultural awareness

– Self-expression through art

– Nigerian history (music, food, religion)

– Emotional intelligence

– Nature and me (sustainable environment)

This and many more we teach in unique methods peculiar to children and making them come out as leaders ready to lead