Giving: Insights from Give and Take by Adam Grant


Insights from Give and Take by Adam Grant

This is not the lotto company; this is from Adam Grant about life. I was listening to Anthony Robbins and he kept mentioning that the secret to success is in giving, not taking. He emphasized why it is important to give.

My pastor also says the same, giving is important, more important than receiving. As a matter of fact, you’re not qualified to receive anything when you haven’t given.

There are three types of givers he said,

Taker: they give only when they expect to receive more in return.  You know those kinds of people, if you’re not that type of people. I’ve fallen a victim myself at some point in my life. You may have as well, but you don’t have to stay there.

Matcher: they give only as much as they expect to receive, this category are only willing to give as much as they know they’ll receive. Stay woke on the street of life, no mama raised no fool. I know this things, but to what end?

Giver: yes, he called them giver because they are the true definition of giving. They give more than they expect to receive, if they expect at all. The irony is that they end up receiving more.

Givers tend to have a larger network and thus people are more willing to help them and they ispire highly collaborative teams. I have a friend who gives crazily, he gives almost everything he has, money, time, support, name it, yet still he never seems to lack anything. Before the need arises, there is a solution already.


However, you must learn when to say “no”, as a giver it’s easy for people to want to trample on you and play you for a fool. Thus it is important to ask yourself some questions about giving.


Why: According to a 2010 study in the journal of personality and social psychology called “when helping helps” giving just for the sake of giving or giving because you feel obligated to will drain your energy over time. It’s advisable to limit your giving when you feel forced to. Find your reason to give, before giving to avoid burning out.


When : know when you give to yourself and to others, this is necessary to avoid burn out.


For whom: when you give to a taker, you are only planting in a black hole of greed. When you spot a taker, give only that which you are willing to let go.

But how do you spot a taker: they use ‘I’ ‘me’ more often, even when in a team


As an individual; it is important to be a giver, a channel of blessing.

Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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