Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal: A book review

Insight From Willpower Instinct BY Kelly McGonigal

Controlling emotions didn’t just lead to emotional outbursts; it made people more willing to spend on something they didn’t need. Oh yes! You’re giggling because you remember buying that thing you didn’t need, I have stories to tell about this but not today.

Your will power instinct is important to your productivity, your weight and your professional relationships.

Every time you’re faced with choice or desire, it is your will power instinct that reminds you of your long term interest and resists short term pleasures and pushes you to do hard and boring task that will pay off in the end

Your prefrontal cortex is the conscious part of the brain, it contains about 10% of the. While the other 90% is the unconscious part of the brain, the part that tells you to eat, drink, sleep even when you don’t need to. But you can exercise the prefrontal cortex to predict to the other unconscious part of the brain what to do.

The prefrontal cortex is a part of the brain located at the front of the frontal lobe. It is implicated in a variety of complex behaviors, including planning, and greatly contributes to personality development.

You need to have a large will power reserve, because the more you use it, the more it depletes. And you need a large will power reserve to avoid becoming defenseless against temptations and distractions all day long.

The science of Willpower

Strategy one: increase your heart rate Variability; you can achieve this by slowing your breathing to five breaths per minute

Strategy two: Self forgiveness: self-criticism only makes matters worse, move on.

Four Daily Habits to strengthen your Willpower

Eating Low-Glycemic Foods: : reduce intake of food with added sugar, because blood sugar spikes and crashes can interfere with the body’s and brains ability to use sugar I’e you’d end up with low energy.

Exercising: Going for a run for 15 minutes a day, on the treadmill or outdoor, anywhere. It’s so efficient Kelly said it is the closest thing to a wonder drug that self-control scientist have discovered.

Meditating: I’ve personally never thought of this, but 10 minutes a day of guided meditation will guide you. I’m definitely trying it out. Meditation increases blood flow to the prefrontal cortex just like lifting weights increases blood flow to your muscles

Sleeping 7-9 hours: Sleep is for the weak, yen yen yen, please turn off your TV, smartphone and computers early so you can get a good night rest. If you want better willpower go to bed earlier. Sleep deprivation impairs how the body and brain use glucose, their main form of energy.

As an individual: I have already downloaded the meditation app and I’m giving to 10 minutes meditation a day

As a group: as an individual member of the group we should endeavor to have better night rest

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