Voting in Nigeria: 10 Reasons you should Vote in the 2019 General election


  “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.” George Jean Nathan Story Story!!! I remember in 2014 when I decided the time was right for me to contest in the keenly contested position of president of my department in school, I was fit to run for the position. I was in good […]

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Words are power; Words have power.

words are power

The world of power phrases The art of Communication is beautiful, some of us communicate with ease while others struggle to express themselves. What separates effective communicators from the rest? Have you ever said something & later gone back to apologize, saying that’s not what you mean, well that is about to change as I […]

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My one day in Lagos; The power of Choice


Lagos and the power of Choice I was in Lagos some time back and best believe Lagos has some experiences, I realized how differently one would be and behave just by living in Lagos, and yes, it is our experiences that shape our behaviours and our behaviours eventually shape our life. All this grammar, Let […]

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WINNING AT YOUR WORK PLACE 2 (EPILOGUE) Statistically, you might have noticed that people struggle with their jobs & life satisfaction issues. It is disheartening to engage hard in a job, yet you don’t receive satisfaction & fulfilment from “that work”. After pouring your life into a job, you come out without feeling fulfilled or […]

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