Nigeria: An open letter to every Nigerian out there


A letter from a Nigerian child Nigeria Dear Nigerian society, In case you haven’t noticed Your mates have left you behind, You are now a Ténéré tree that would soon be run down, I used to think for some reason that you were Robben Island until I discovered you made Robben Island, There is no […]

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Words are power; Words have power.

words are power

The world of power phrases The art of Communication is beautiful, some of us communicate with ease while others struggle to express themselves. What separates effective communicators from the rest? Have you ever said something & later gone back to apologize, saying that’s not what you mean, well that is about to change as I […]

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Relationship Talk: what should a woman watch out for?


Too blinded by love I couldn’t see through your lies Always acted like a love-struck puppy around you Talked your ears off About my dreams and future Hoping you’d share the same excitement with me You didn’t. Yet, I looked past that Because of how deep I was in the ocean of our love. I […]

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