Nigeria: An open letter to every Nigerian out there

A letter from a Nigerian child


Dear Nigerian society,

In case you haven’t noticed

Your mates have left you behind,

You are now a Ténéré tree that would soon be run down,

I used to think for some reason that you were Robben Island until I discovered you made Robben Island,

There is no Mandela inside you that survives,

They all run away and forget you,

You are full of rejected lullabies,

Dumb wines that are left unfinished.

I just wish you could stop preaching to me about John 3:16 when you don’t even know what happened in YOUR beginning,

Don’t wake me up with 4am Adhan’s or Surah Ya Sin,

Because all I see is your

Perpetual miseries

Patched hypocrisy

Has-been promises

You made me grow up with rainbows of children thinking we were friends,


Stop scribbling history on my cheeks when I can’t see you live up to your own expectation,

Do not punctuate my character with your standards when your lifestyle is still an unfinished sentence,

Dear Mr or Mrs Nigeria,

I won’t speak up today,

I would be silent,

Because you have taught me how not to talk back at elders who have amputated their values for made in Nigeria beliefs.

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Photo by Dami Akinbode on Unsplash

Author: Musa Obed

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