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Nice speech, but what are you going to do?

“Nice speech, but what are you going to do?” – Shimon Peres

The above quote to Shai Agassi when Shai presented his idea of using electricity to power a car. Shimon agreed with Shai’ idea but he wanted to know what action he was going to make to make his speech of value. Today I want to know what effort you are making to make your speech/motivational career of value.

The Nigeria of today is filled with motivational speakers, mentors, coaches, spokesperson, M.c’s but not action doers. Is it not funny how we know the solution to our problems but the problems still remains a problem? We have experts in so many fields, we have educated individuals who can analyze in tremendous ways but at the end of the day, it all narrows down to what have you done to back up your words.

Work Your Talk

This talk-without-work attitude has dwindled its way even to the political scene with unfulfilled promises. As leaders of today and the brightest tomorrow, we need to learn that we must back up whatever we have said with action. If you don’t want to work then don’t talk.  But once you’ve opened your mouth, let your hands follow the queue. Nice speech !

I know we have all said things we ourselves haven’t achieved but that’s the beauty of failure, the opportunity to try again. The next time you say something make sure you do it, make sure you silence all the people that are saying ‘all this talk but he/she would still not work’. Have a reminder if you would forget what you’ve said but please don’t give speeches you do not live by. You would fail at some point, yes, but give it your best shot while you still can. Action is what creates success, not words.

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