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3 key Aspect to Improve Your Public Speaking…

Here are 3 things that will ultimately improve your public speaking.
Know them and Know peace

Body language; This is an important part of your speech as it enhances your message, the way you move says a lot about your speech and good movement help communicate confidence, credibility and release nervousness. Imagine a well-prepared speech but delivered without any body movement, at a point you begin to doubt the credibility of the message. At least point your hands towards the north when you are talking about far north, that’s the least you can do. But there are several ways you can move show credibility to your message using body language, let’s discuss a few.

Vocal Variety; Your voice is your power, your voice is power. Use it, don’t make it boring, use different volume pitch, rate, apply pauses when necessary and yes like the name of this point apply vocal variety.
Your voice is the medium of expression, that is how you are heard, and everyone loves a good music, why? Because of the rhythm.

Stage presence: It is how you are perceived by the audience, how do you look to them, your stage presence is your charisma, how do you walk up the stage, what posture do you carry on stage? A confident one or a slouchy one that shows fear. How do you pace on the stage? Coordinated or uncoordinated?

The stage is your muse, it is yours for the taking, own it. You are king there so be bold and confident as you walk in your kingdom. Confidence on stage signals confidence in the content you are delivering.

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Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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