5 things what they didn’t tell me about my 9-5 Job

So earlier this month I got a job with a reputable company, it’s not a dream job, but it’s a good job. (I’m still job hunting anyway). I applied for the role and after several tests and interviews, I was finally given my job.
Not to worry, it’s in Abuja here and I am still with you. I have mentored so many people about having a 5-9 after their 9-5 and if I had mentored you then I am sorry, I underestimated what it’s like. I enjoyed my time doing my 9-5 working for myself and the things that I loved only. But now I am doing something else.
Here are 5 things they didn’t tell me about my 9-5

  1. There’s no 9-5; It is really more like 6 am- 6 pm, for me work officially starts at 8am but my preparation for work begins by 6 am sometimes before and maybe a night before if not a weekend before, the job really takes a chunk of my time. Explains why you are getting this in the evening.
  2. The weekend is BAE; for everyone that has given me their weekend, attending my event or just spending it with me, I love you and appreciate you.
  3. It’s hard to be yourself: I moved into my place with so much confidence but with every passing day I am reminded I have superior and I shouldn’t make them feel any less of themselves
  4. I will be this tired; like I get home and I just want to sleep in preparation for the next day and repeat till the weekend.
  5. The weekend is just 2 seconds:  that’s it, that’s the message; Friday to Sunday is just 2 seconds when you are working.

It has been a tough first month but when I got my alert for the month, I was happy. Like it is said, I got the bribe not to chase my dreams. Haq Haq Haq job that is helping me achieve my dreams

Some things I have learned anyways

  1. You don’t have to reduce yourself to make anyone comfortable
  2. You can still chase your dreams
  3. You don’t have to quit to chase your dreams
  4. Your job can be a stepping stone to actualizing your dreams
  5. Your job can be a training ground to learn how to build your dream
  6. You don’t have to die on your job
  7. You can always change job
  8. You’re not indispensable on your job
  9. You can still make  time to do the things you love
  10. Before you die, live

With that been said, if you will like to be volunteer to be of service to Leaders Digest which is the parent body for the Life Fest, BOLD (Building Offspring’s in Leadership Development) in any capacity please message me.
And if you need tips on how to balance your work life and social life, message me as well I have more experience now

by the way, I picked up a side hobby of nature photography, you can check it up on IG @victorshotit_ and if you are in love with it, give me a follow.

Adios Amigo
Before you die, Live.

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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