Change your location, you’re not a tree

Change your Location, You are not a Tree

During my last trip to Kano, I was with one of my Mentors and he was talking to me about growth. 

For us to grow, we may have to change location. If you plant a tree under the wrong lightning and other poor conditions, it deters its growth; it affects the rate at which it will grow. 

And unfortunately, the plant can’t get angry and decide to move to another location with better lighting even if it is just a few meters away.

How sad, the plant can’t vex and say it is going to another place. It is stuck, for life, and any attempt for man to move it may just end it.

But humans like me and you are not so, we can move from one place to another if you don’t like a place you have the liberty of changing. 

Last week, I was at my work spot and I was losing my creative juice. I decided to take a walk, I di and now I am writing this post. 

You can change job, you can change your location, and you can change your environment if you don’t like the place. If you don’t like the way you think you can change the things you read, the information you feed yourself with. 

If you don’t like your spiritual growth you can change your spiritual journey, change church. Don’t feel trapped by something that is not trapping you, Culture, society, friends, Tradition (it’s the same as culture, ehn, you get the point). 

Move! You are not a tree.

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Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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