Happy birthday to me, or maybe not!

So last week I shared with you my new 9-5, if you bothered to open it.

Well today is my birthday, keep your wishes and turn it to credit alert.

Okay I’m joking, no I’m not.

Well, it got me thinking about my life and the choices I have taken to get me to where I am today and how the choices I am making now will affect my future.

Forget motivation, it is difficult to chase your dream while having a 9-5 ( I’m sure if you read my article last week, you will know its not really a 9-5)its difficult, but not impossible.

I’m trying to have a balanced life, as much as possible, I will brief you about it here.

I don’t want to be like most people who spend a huge part of their lives working(yes because they need the money, duhh).

And unfortunately most people find themselves doing what they don’t love. It really makes life frustrating and because you have to spend most of your time working, then they’re frustrated most of the time.

It’s not good for the soul. But

What if you never have to work for a day in your life, and still get paid for it, will you believe me? Chris Guillebeau calls it the CAREER LOTTO.

I can only imagine, or maybe not. It can be a reality for you and me. I’m working towards it, if you have been following me, you will know I always say “Trust the process”

A list of the most successful people show that they do what they love and they love what they do. You can’t be grumbling to work every day of the week and expect to be very productive.

So it would be best if you find the perfect blend between work and fun.

My friend Onyeka would say what can you do for free if you know your basic needs have been met?

So, find what you love and build on it, its popularly called, a side hustle. So nurture it and win the career lottery, yes you can

identify the problem that bothers you the most and solve it.

To do this you have to listen attentively to the pain and complain of people.

Don’t be afraid to quit and start again, till you find what you love.

And as you build this dream career lotto, trust the process.

Am I where I want to be in life as I clock 25? Maybe not.

Can things be better? Certainly

I trust the process and so should you.

The end!

Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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