“If you’re avoiding your problems or feel like you don’t have any problems, then you’re going to make yourself miserable.” – Mark Manson

There can never be progress if there was never a challenge. The only proof that something was wrong is if you make something’s right.  Ok, I don’t want to sound all inspirational here but really problems do change the world.

In 2008, when the Taliban took over Northeastern Pakistan, they implemented strict Sharia laws which made girls to stop going to school. A young girl Malala, felt faced with the problem of being non-educated. She despised the law and went to school secretly. When the Taliban soldiers knew of this, they shot her in the head, yes the head. She survived and today she is leading many young girls to better education.

Until there is a problem, you would not know that you are not moving forward. Problems exist to teach us that there is something deeper inside of us, something that can spark a change, fuel a movement, protect a generation. If Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr were not faced with the problem of racism, they would have never been known. If apartheid never existed, Mandela might have been a Gardner. If there were no Nazi’s Winston Churchill wouldn’t have been influential. If there was no colonization, our great grand fathers would not have sought for independence.

You do not have to create problems for yourself, problems would come naturally and that is life. Life gives you what you can handle but in an insurmountable form. You would think you cannot overcome until you do. When you are faced with a problem, it is an opportunity to be a Malala, a Gandhi, a JFK, it is an opportunity to discover parts of yourself you thought never existed. You might be a nurse today but the solution you bring to your problem might turn you to a world leader. Anything can happen in this figment of time we call life. Don’t look down on your problems, solve them because only then can you solve yourself.


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Author: Musa Obed

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