Our world is full of men and women who do not like powerful women

“Our world is full of men and women who do not like powerful women” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Do you feel like you live in a Nigeria where the above statement is true? Why in the first place are women looked down on when they go to the same schools and have the same job? Are men scared to lose their identities or are they rather going with the flow of history?

Believe it or not, a time would come where women would be as powerful as men in all aspects. Decades ago women weren’t allowed to vote or drive in some countries but now they are gaining equal rights. How are you going to raise your daughter? Would you open her to a world of possibilities or of duties? Whichever way you choose it would affect her. Instead of trying to ridicule women why don’t we raise them up and teach them how to be great and powerful. Why do we confine them within a wedding ring? Why don’t we show them how to lead, to fight in wars, to be equal human beings? I am not trying to be Chimamanda but I am trying to make you think of making where you live better.

Subduing a gender is like being racist. The only way you can be at peace is to stop being a threat. When you see a woman stand for power do not downplay her, if you do not agree then keep your opinions to yourself. The time when the ability to cook is the prerequisite for a good wife is fading away. When you one day have a daughter or if you do now, make sure you open her mind up to her ability to achieve anything.  The world needs more women who can cause changes in the lives of humanity. Are you part of those who do not like powerful women?

Author: Musa Obed

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