Killer goals

5 tips to set killer goals in 2019; Do it right this time.

Talking about Killer goals

If you take the homing bird, put it in a cage, cover the cage with a black blanket, put the covered cage in a closed box, and place the box in a closed truck and drive a thousand miles away to any direction.

The homing bird upon release will still find its way home. No other creature in this world has this incredible cybernetic, goal seeking abilities except for man and woman.

What makes man even more unique is you don’t even need to know where it is or how, all you need is to be absolutely sure about your goal. By deciding clearly what your goal is, you unerring move towards it, only if you decide to take a step towards your goal though.

Every step towards your goal increases your belief that you can set and achieve even bigger goals in the future. Oh the joy of seeing goals accomplished the next best thing after ice tea.

But chill, how do you live without goals, like you wake up without an end in mind. Reminds me of my first day of driving for Uber, I woke up early enough to pick up those going to work, had a cold bath, despite the freezing morning cold.

It was still dark but I was determined. I finished every preparation and was ready to pick my first client but there was a problem, I didn’t know where he/she was so I kept driving around residential areas hoping someone would request a ride. That wasn’t the best day in the year.

This is that time of the year where we hear “New Year, new me”, please chill. What is the difference between 31st December and January 1st. I’m not a sad fellow that don’t believe in “new year, new me”. I just want you to do it right. Self-will and sheer determination is not enough to see a goal through. I mean this is definitely a good time to set new goals, target to build new habits, learn new skills, I’m  just concerned that many think by just entering a new year, things begin to move in their direction,  or lines begin to fall for them.

You need to set your goals right to be able to see them become a reality, if you have to set goals, at least do it right. These 5 tips I have carefully selected will help you in smashing your goals for 2019. Follow them and results will follow you.


  1. Be real:

    Tell yourself the truth, I know you want to do big things, after all if people don’t mock your goals, that means it is not big enough. I know that one too, but be real with yourself, no pressure, at least not from me. Set realistic goals not fantasies, while I believe in miracles, I wouldn’t advise you to plan on miracles, but rather on things you can directly influence.I mean, set goals that will challenge you to be better, but not unrealistic goals.

  1. Write it:

    No matter how beautifully crafted your goals are in your head, I recommend you write it down; else you’re still in wonderland. Wonderland is good, I like to visit wonderland when I want to sleep at night, I just think of all the nice things that could possibly happen to me. But that’s not goal setting, that’s fantasy. If your goals mean anything to you, you will write it down, if possible paste it where it would be easy for you to access.

  2. Kiss (keep it short stupid & Simple):

    Ok, you are not stupid, but keep it short and simple for you to easily understand and comprehend. And you really don’t want to set too many goals, too many goals that you don’t even remember what your goals are anymore. I want to lose 10kG weight by June. That is short enough but look at the next tip to understand this fully.

  3. Be detailed:

    I’m not trying to confuse you, but what I mean by telling you to be detailed is make it so detailed that it moves from just a goal to a plan. I.e I want to lose 10KG by June, that’s short and simple but the how is now the plan. I want to lose 10KG by June by exercising 30 minutes 3 times a day (Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays) you would want to go as deep as you can in explaining how you intend to achieve this feat.

  4. Don’t do it alone:

    Trying to do it alone is a vital step in the wrong direction, get someone that can keep you on your toes in achieving your goals. I know a friend who was so eager to achieve her goals, she created a Whatsapp group of three people, she, two friends who acted as the bad cop and the good cop.

    So the way it worked was, she sent 20 thousand Naira to the bad cop whose job was to take a thousand naira for everyday she didn’t work towards her goals, while the good cop advises and encourages her every day to work towards her goals and get five hundred naira stipend for everyday she works on her goals. At the end of 20 days she had successfully developed the habit of working every day on her goals. You could take a queue form this; you could do more or less depends on your capacity.

Bonus Tip:

Set a Widely Important Goal;

This is a goal so important that achieving it will make other goals easy, for example when the united states NASA set a singular goal of landing the man on the moon, and they did. Compared to other years where they set a lot of goals and got none accomplished. It is advised to be kept at one or maximum of 2.

Having goals is important, but having a widely important goal is importanter. Speaking from experience, the experience of wanting to have 12 goals, I mean they are all important and I want to get them done, all of them. But in reality, I end up getting almost nothing done. I mean, but a widely important goal helps you to focus your energy on achieving a very important goal.

This goes down to even in setting your monthly, weekly and daily goal. Ask yourself, what’s that thing so important I must get done today, when you find the answer, then do that thing first and you will see how the day will be sweet like sliced bread.

You need to find something that drives you that no matter how hard life knocks you down, you’d never take no for an answer. Something you can’t go a day without thinking about, something you don’t need the alarm clock to wake you up for.

 When you find that thing, chase it with all you’ve got.

I have a copy of my 2019 goals and I will like to share with you and help you in setting your own goals, if you are interested in this please hit me up here, my Dm is open.

If you will like to be a part of our closed group where we keep each others accountable in accomplishing our goals, slide into my Dm here and I will add you ASAP.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year in Advance.

killer goals

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