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Insights from Anything you want by Derek Sivers

Making a company is a great way to improve the world, while improving yourself.

Many people like myself desire to have a company, but like myself most people have the challenge of what business should I do, how do I make my business profitable and so many more. Derek Sivers shares some insights about starting a business.

Solve a problem: He share we should watch out carefully of the greatest challenges around us, this require that we be very observant, watching out for the immediate needs. He suggested you could start with yourself, what challenges do you encounter in your life, I’m sure there are some people with the same problem

Solve your Problem: people have the same problems as you, find people with the problem you’ve solved. Then show them the solution, you’ve proffered.

If it’s not a hit, switch: Our solutions might not be the best for others, this way; you have to keep improving and investing ideas until we get a hit. Don’t waste times persistently ding what’s not working.


He then went further to explain how to grow a business, because it is one thing to profer solutions, it is another to make a business out of it.

Focus on your Customer Experience: When you have customers, you’ll remain in business, the books are good but if you don’t have customers no matter how good the planning is, it’ll be a fail. Give your customers an experience and grow from there

Give more than you promise: Don’t raise their hopes and dash it with low or substandard services, rather inject moments of unexpected generosity. Where you give them more than they bargained for.

Delegate or Die: do I need to explain this further, let your employees know the overall objective of the company and have the ability to make decisions in this light.


It is also important to know when to sell your Business


As an individual, I’m going to use this approach in finding a business idea.



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