Square Tomatoes

Square tomatoes?

This isn’t meant to be comfortable. Is it true? That is a different question.

My friend Emmanuel Chukwure shared this with me and I thought to share with you as well

A lot of young graduates are praying for square tomatoes but when presented with the idea, it sounds unnatural. My brother once told my mum;

“you always pray that our names would be written in gold in this world but you don’t encourage us to take risks, only safe ventures.”

This words stung my mum so deep and it should because it’s the truth. She said one thing and acted another way which I have come to realize was no fault of hers, it is how our brain works.

When I say to you good what your brain interprets is happy. When I say bad, it interprets sad. While these might be mild examples, we need to realize our brains don’t speak English so it can be hacked to act differently from what we communicate.

• I am at home but it is raining.

• I am at home and it is raining.

What did you notice if you are being honest? The first phrase with ”but” sends a negative signal of limitation, restriction, and an impossibility to your brain. The second phrase with the word ”and” communicates continuity and more possibility than the first.

We tell ourselves that we want to create something new and design our own futures because we have a strong interest and passion or simply because we believe we can but rather we take someone else life and mirror it against ours and begin aligning our values, careers, and choices to match theirs while still seeking to be different.

Is the truth popular? Is the truth authentic? Is the truth based on facts or feelings?

The truth is the truth. Here’s one truth, creating a professional LinkedIn profile filled with words we don’t understand or endorsing others for skills that look cool to have and creating fictitious positions isn’t the best thing to be doing as a young professional still figuring things out.

A square tomato creates a new category for itself in the grocery store, defines it’s own price not in comparison to others; and dictates what packaging is appropriate for it. Square tomatoes create not conforms, this takes time and effort but first realizing it’s square and not round.

Your brain doesn’t speak English so it can be hacked and here’s how. Ask yourself how many bad ideas can you embark on and be embarrassed about before you are finally limited to one job for the rest of your life. What your brain interprets is I have a limited time to take a risk and do something that really matters and learn enough from. Hopefully, I do one of these things well enough that it’s what I end up doing for the rest of my life.

Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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