Thank God for Hunger

my God!!! See chao

Esau sold his brith right for food

The prodigal son came to His senses when the hunger was real

This is just two of the many other food issues we know

So many bright ideas come out of hunger

That’s why I thank God for hunger

I imagined a world where nobody was hungry

Like we would live without feeling hungry

We just eat as a thing of fun or enjoyment

All the money we get is for other things like clothes, shoes etc


I see lazy people everywhere

Some people would be content to not doing anything

Like just live

What prompted me to write this article is some people’s attitude to food

I’ve met people whose attitude to food is demeaning

Let’s not talk about the struggle for food at parties cause most of you would be victims. of that.

Poor people want to eat breakfast lunch and dinner, it’s good to do that, its ideal but if you can’t afford it then don’t.

All your salary on food


The wise people eat to live

But fools live to eat

Where do you belong?

Author: Leaders digest

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