Public Speaking Course

·         Save a portion of your income: I read from the book “the richest man in Babylon” that you should save 1/10 of all your income. No matter what happens or what expense you may need to meet. If you ever desire to be wealthy one day then you need to save. Don’t just spend money on expenses. If you will like to have extra money to spend on vacations, travels, buy all you need and even want, then you need to learn to save. It’s not too late to start saving no matter your age right now. A part of all you earn is yours to keep. Just take saving as paying yourself first! You deserve it. And I have found that a very good way to help you save is to get a saving goal and probably an accountability partner to help you achieve your savings goal. You know, just saving without a goal can be monotonous, boring and at the end of the day, you spend all your savings on something irrelevant and then you have to start over again. But with a goal in mind it is easier.  I use a savings box personally also apart from saving in the bank, I’ve found this helpful as it helps prevent spending change with you, and after some months or even a year, you can open it and save it again, this time in the bank, it should be a lump sum by then.

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