Happy Birthday Team leader

I’m grateful to God for seeing another year today

This is a time of reflecting more for me than of celebration

Like….I’m getting older and responsibilities are increasing

Am I ready? I don’t even know

Do I feel ready, hell no!

But I’m grateful to God the keeper of life

The birthday started on a high note, with a birthday gift even 3 days before my birthday from my parents, I wonder why they couldn’t wait till today.

Then calls and messages as early as 12am, and beautiful voices singing birthday songs for me, that’s the beauty of the day I guess that’s the beauty of the day and as my friend professor Obatala would say “ the psychic celebration, the sense exhilaration, which your homage engendered within”In simple terms, your Facebook postings

And more about facebook post, I really think it’s quite insultive to just post “hbd” to someone as a birthday greeting like am I that irrelevant that you can’t post a complete message, but ………..

In other news went jogging this morning as usual and now I’m ready for the day with enthusiasm.

There would be a live party at my church this evening for those that want to attend.

Thanks for the love and concern, keep the messages coming in

Happy birthday to me.

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