5 simple tips on getting help 

Yes, we know we should ask for help when in need but how do we ask for help and get it.

  1. Select the right person. Choose someone who is knowledgeable and would be willingly to help.
  2. Select the right time to ask. Don’t come when the person is busy, stressed. select a good time.
  3. Select the right questions to ask. Trust me, you don’t want to waste their time, do your background study, gather your questions hit the nail on the head. it shows that you’re serious.
  4. Give them Credit for their advice and counsel. Always reference them or let them see you using their recommendation, it shows that you value their instruction. 
  5. Express your thanks specifically. Finally tell the person exactly how their advise has helped you. For example Thank for helping understand and manage my emotions.

Author: Leaders digest

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