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“Death, You think we follow you because we owe you, look around Hercules we are family, all we have is each other. We will fight for you and if it’s our time we will die for you, because you will do die for us”

Wao! what a statement, that summarizes the kind of leader Hercules was, a leader which his followers were willing to die for, they would follow him to death.
The only question I can think of right now is why, why will they follow him to death? Was it because of his undeniable strength, or prolly because he was a demigod? I don’t think so.

Qualities that separated Hercules

He was a team leader: he knew how to carry his team mates along, and involve them in the affairs, he was definitely the strongest but he gave paramount to his team members and made everyone on his team feel important, including his nephew who wasn’t even a warrior. And if you have watched the movie you will realize that everybody had a part to play which they all did.
That’s what team leaders do, they carry everyone along including the weakest person on the team. As the popular acronym for TEAM says Together Everybody Achieve More.

He was a trainer: Hercules did not rely on his strength and that of his team members to overcome the enemies and I can remember how easily he won the battle, like i humorously said, (the guys at the back didn’t know what was going on in the fight). Because it is training that makes a man, instead of looking for every opportunity to dodge and escape responsibility and training why not look for opportunities that will stretch you to make you a better person. Meet people better than you to teach you, engage in tasks that will bring out the best of you.

He was a planner: he went into that battle prepared, he was strong and he also had a great team, why didn’t he just go into the battle and do what must people do cross the bridge when he gets there? No! he planned his way to victory. That’s what successful people do, they plan you see them with one year plan,five years plan, ten years plan why? Because growth is not automatic, it takes disciplined steps through planning and hard work to get success.

Entertaining movie I must confess and definitely one to learn a lot from, you should grab a copy and watch if you haven’t. Have a nice weekend.

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