I know the program is holding in Lagos but that is not what we are talking about here.
Leaders after Gods own Standard

Leaders After Gods own standard Conference 3.0 has a vision to raise leaders who would influence the World system with the Word system. In this present dispensation it is the word in you that creates your world. But the question is, what if you don’t have the word??

Porters touch a sister company have put together this special program designed for you, it is savoured with expert speakers in their fields.

Speakers includes:
Pastor Iren Emmanuel. lead Pastor celebration church
Silas Okwoche. CTO nerve mobile
Ogwu Uche. convener

The schedule of the program:
Venue: sweet sensation, Bode Thomas, surulere
Date: 15th August
Time: 1pm

So.. If you are in Lagos or around you should make it a date to enrich yourself in the word for a better world. Don’t come alone come with someone and remain blessed.

Author: Leaders digest

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