Many years ago, a renowned European chess grand master played an exhibition match against a New York amateur and lost.

The champion was renowned for his chessboard strategy, for his ability to plan a dozen of moves ahead as a game developed and at the post match conference the amateur was asked how many moves ahead he planned in defeating master ” only one “, he replied; “the right one”.

There lies one of the keys to success in leadership, the game of chess has been verily related to leadership and if you play the game well, you will also realize that there are similarities between them. And just like the story above, leadership is about making the right decision and taking the right steps that matters.

One thing I have personally observed about the game of chess, cause am a player of the game, is sacrifice: you just have to let go in other to be able to get your targeted goal.

Another thing I observed is focus, your focus is to checkmate your opponent, it is not always about the number of players on the board but your ability to checkmate your opponent before he does same to you.
That is why you see small teams achieving great things that’s bigger teams can’t achieve.

Planning: if you don’t plan in the game of chess you will be defeated before you know it, we can relate his to practical situations in our life, you need to plan your day, your week, your month, your life, you can’t just afford to be going through life without a plan, just moving without direction. No!

The game of chess is a very interesting one and one we can learn life practical lessons from it, from planning to focus to sacrifice you name it.

” never loose sight of where you are going else your present circumstance begins to mean more than it’s meant to”



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