Millennium park :The Zheng of lovers

Millennium parkĀ :The Zheng of lovers

After been properly maintained for years with its green grass

It is no wonder that millennium park has turned to the Zheng of lovers

The park is located just adjacent or say opposite transcorp Hilton hotels maitama abuja

It really adds beauty to the big city of Abuja

Going there on beautiful day with your heart rob will be something you would love

There are lots of trees to keep shade

It is recorded that millennium park experience average 786 kisses in a day

What are you waiting for, leave that friend zone in 2017

Take her to millennium park

The mood is set

The trees provide shade

The sky is blue

And the grass is green

Ibo boys are also with mat for you can lie down

Yoruba women are there at the gates to sell snacks and drinks to make it a sweet one

Hausa men are there with their locally made guiter to entertain you

And you are there with the love of your life

Dropping your lines

Licking lips ?

Have a lovely day.

Author: Leaders digest

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