Stop! Stop!! Stop!!! 

I said don’t move, you can’t escape this one you are trapped in Asia, all Americans here must die and every other person supporting Americans. 

You and your family must die, imagine you are in a strange land and on going out to get newspaper down the street a riot started where they are killing people.

1. You don’t know where to run to

2. You don’t know why they want to kill you 

3. You have a family 

No escape…the movie was an interesting watch, true it was action filled,dramatic and thrilling.

And like I always do when I watch movies of such I take down one or two lesson from it, the survival key for his family was definitely teamwork. 
He worked with his wife as a team and they successfully escaped to Vietnam.


They both shared the responsibilities from throwing their children over the roof to the point where the wife wanted to be the hero and ran out to be captured.

If you have watched the movie you will surely agree with me, individually they wouldn’t have been able to escape without been killed. 

Teamwork is essential to getting more done in lesser time, it multiplies effort, I will just explain teamwork with this story;

“At a Midwestern fair, many spectators gathered for an old fashioned horse pull(an event where various weights are put on a horse-drawn sled and pulled along the ground). The grand champion horse pulled a sled with 4,500 pounds on it. The runner up was close, with 4,400 pound pull. Some of the men wonders what the two horses could pull if hitched together. Separately they totaled nearly 9000 pounds, but when hitched and working together as a team, they pulled over 12,000 pounds”.

That’s what happens when you work as a team, you get more work done.


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