The man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), King David knew something about suffering, particularly suffering caused by his own action. But he also knew to whom He could turn during those times of trouble. David knew that God will always remain faithful to Himself and to his Holy nature, even when David acted unfaithfully He knew that at just the right time God would deliver him from his dispair. He knew the freedom and security that comes from trusting in God alone as his deliverer.

When David committed adultery with Bathsheba, he wrote Psalm 51 and when Nathan confronted Him about his sin, He fell to the floor and wept bitterly. He publicly sought restoration as a king and as a spiritual man, and because of his repentant heart God forgave him and allowed him to remain in office until his death. Mistakes don’t have to prove fatal, we all make them, but when a leader deceives the people and losses their trust they will no longer follow him

David was far from a perfect Man, but he understood something that all godly leaders must grasp: when times of trouble arrive- even the trouble we bring on ourselves- we must turn to God and wait patiently for His help. He’ll never fail us.

From Psalm 15, we can see qualities of a spiritual leader according to David:

.possesses Integrity
.Does what is right
.Must be honest and trustworthy
.Must not Gossip
.Must be Strong and stable
.Keep their word
.Honour others who walk in truth


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