Joshua was a man who gave Himself whole heartedly to completing whatever task was assigned to Him.

He followed the instructions of Moses (Exodus 17:9-10) before he took over the role of Moses as the leader of the Israelites, Joshua followed His mentor Moses and obeyed every instruction from Him, Even when he agreed to spy out the promise land.

And when it was time for Joshua to receive the reins of power to lead, He obeyed again (Joshua 1:1-11).

In the end, the people of Israel followed Joshua’s example and did what God asked of them and as a result inherited the land God had promised them. The people of Israel served the Lord during the time of Joshua, and when they followed his example of Obedience they prospered.

At his death he was known simply as “servant of the Lord” (Judges 2:7-8). While Joshua is celebrated as an exceptional leader, it was never mentioned in the scriptures that he was a man of extraordinary might,intellect, or talent, it was his obedience that made him an exceptional leader.

And as a servant of the Lord, thats all you need.

JOSHUA’S OBEDIENCE (Joshua 6:1-20)

The most remarkable of Joshua’s victories been the destruction of Jericho. It must have been really absurd for an army to march around 13 times in one week, blow trumpets-and that’s it? no weapons? No fighting? No plan of attack? No fear. Yet Joshua was committed to doing whatever it took to gain Victory according to God’s plan, and He did gain victory.


Obedience was his number 1 priority
He acted decisively
He valued results more than reputation
He trusted his God
He never wavered in his decisions

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