Paul’s life has been influential  from the very beginning. The persecutor turned apostle has stood before kings and governors. His enemies accused him, imprisoned him, beat him, and threatened him  with death. He traveled thousands of miles, survived a shipwreck but never failed to vigorously and courageously defend and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul didn’t  become an influential leader because of his eloquence or because of some special talent he possessed but because regardless his circumstances, whether he sat on shackles during interrogation, whether he lay in a cold prison cell he committed to one thing: preaching the name of Jesus.

Undeniably, Paul became the influential man in the early churches, writing about 2/3 of the new testament, we cannot but feel his influence to this day. Paul must have appeared a fanatic, but all he did was to obey Gods call to influence the world around him. Wise leaders obey instructions. All wise leaders will do well to follow Paul’s example.

Leadership begins from the Heart, Paul had a heart that was:

  • Consistent: He lived steadily while moving
  • contrite: He acted humbly and willingly showed his weakness
  • courageous: He didn’t shrink from doing his duties
  • Convictional: He communicated his convictions boldly
  • committed: He left for Jerusalem willing to die for Jesus
  • captivated: He showed that surrendered man doesn’t have to survive

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