Walk consciously 

“for as a man think with in his heart so is he”

  The Bible also said that”out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” can I be permitted to say “in the consciousness of who you are, you act”

I was once discussing with someone and he was arguing about how been born into a Christian family automatically makes you a born again Christian. And remember saying to him that you have to be conscious of the powers available to you as a Christian and as a child of God in order to manifest this powers. Even if it is in you, you need to be conscious of it. I also said to him, a witch that was initiated into witchcraft since birth, has the powers to fly, disappear and reappear, manipulate unbelievers etc but is not conscious of this powers will join the queue.

If your fore fathers left over 100 million in your bedroom before death as your inheritance, if you don’t know about it, you may find yourself still begging for bread. 

Our consciousness matters!! Have you noticed how when you put on a brand new white shirt probably Harwes and Curtis (H&C), the way you eat meat with stew differs from when you are casually dressed. It simply connotes what you place consciousness on determines what you see and experience.

Just like some of us watch action movies and everything seems like a fight, you start developing imaginary muscles and fighting bad guys, or some of our ladies watch so many Korean series and starts seeing love in a whole new dimension, or after some interesting zombie breakout movie you start imagine another zombie attack.

Your consciousness affects the way you think, eat, sit,walk, even sleep. Ok where am I driving at: what do you place your consciousness on? Food? Health? Whatever you should begin to see yourself in the light of who you want to be, you may not be it yet or even close to it but you should begin to act like it, people may not be cool with it I fact over a large percentage won’t be cool with it, but don’t worry give them time they will begin to see it. This has nothing to do with pride, it’s walking in the consciousness of who you are.

Walk consciously!!!

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