7 cures to a lean Bank Account for young Leaders as told By George Classon pt 3


Own thy own house

Is this guy ok?

Does he think house is cheap?

I don’t really get this guy, but since He an experienced guy has said it and it worked, who am I?

But the idea of owning your own house, I get is to avoid paying ridiculously on rent.

“Thus come many blessings to a man who owneth his own house, and greatly will he reduce his cost of living, making available more of his earning for pleasures and the gratifications of his desire. This then is the fifth cure for a lean bank account”


Ok, let’s settle this. It may not be the house of your dreams and it’s certainly not your last house. Calm down you’ll build another, but before then you don’t want to be paying rent every now and then.


Use your Head to think ahead

Yes, I wasn’t just trying to show my lyrical genius, I was making sense .

Now that you’ve learnt about making money, and what to do to make more money. It’s time to be futuristic. Take it or leave it. You won’t have this your current energy forever, there will come a time you won’t be able to jump here and there to make money, so, how can you make money even while you’re sleeping? Or maybe you don’t like sleep like me, how do you make money while cruising on some ship with the love of life, my wife beside me? Think about this.

Put aside some investment for the future, that’ll yield income for you when you’re old. Then you can be your grand children’s favorite grand pa.


More money

How strong is your desire to earn more ?

How much can you pay for knowledge to learn how to earn more?

At this point, you want to invest in yourself and increase your capacity to earn more.

“The more wisdom we have, the more we may earn. The man who seeks to learn more of his craft shall be richly rewarded”




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Today’s challenge: start saving!

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