The day i lost my baby

The day I lost my baby

The day I lost my baby

Was the day I gave up on life

My little bundle of joy

Who never had the intent of hurting a soul

Was taken from her warm home.

We had a connection stronger

Than lovers bound

But we never met because of the

Weak state of her baby heart.

Call me a sadist but at a point

I was happy she left this world the time she did

Because I do not know how she’d take her first heartbreak

For men like her father still lives.

Thoughts of taking my life

Swirled through my mind.

I embraced It like my lost child

For what use am I in a world without a family, husband and baby.

Like a crazed woman, I walked on the street

Hoping and praying for a reckless being to send me to my

Child and parents

Just when I saw the driver to send me home

An idiotic fellow decided to play the part of the hero

The words on the tip of my tongue almost choked me when I

Looked at him.

With intense blue eyes he stared down at me with concern

My thoughts changed from dying to thanking the lord for sending such

A man my way.


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Author: Hope Alfred

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