Success Obstacles

Success Obstacles: The challenges we face in Achieving Success in Life


There is no human on earth who doesn’t desire excellence in life. Though the term EXCELLENCE might be relative, as it varies from one individual to another. What Mr A might term to be excellent is different from how Mr B sees excellence to be.

Therefore, one cannot put a benchmark to what excellence is. However, irrespective of what your definition of excellence is, you are certainly going to be faced with one form of challenge or the other as you thread the path of excellence.

Though some of these challenges also vary, but some are also universal as it applies to all humans. In this article, I would just point out two challenges that we have overlooked over time and feel it doesn’t matter or since everybody is doing it, then we think it is right. And they include:


 This isn’t a new word to us as we keep hearing it daily and how it is a killer of time. Yet, if we take a close look at our life and the way we run our activities, we will still find out that we are guilty of this character called procrastination.

The effect of what procrastination has done in our generation is too grave to be overlooked. We are in what I call the “FAST” generation, where everybody knows a shorter and simpler means of doing everything. So instead of starting a task early and take time in doing it, we prefer leaving it to the last minutes so as to use the FAST means.

And that is why the rate of substandard product and services seems to be on a rapid increase in our time. Procrastination is a stealer of time and if not frowned at, it just puts us as individuals in a position of limited time and sometimes grave consequences that you might not recover from.


 The God factor in our pursuit of excellence cannot be done away with. But it is also important to know that we also have a part to play in the journey. Some people lack accountability when it comes to the works of their hands, forgetting that God only blesses the works of our hands.

Remember the story of the master who came back from his trip and requested his servants to give account of how what he entrusted in their hands was used? We saw that he only applauded those who were faithful to doing more with the little he gave them, while the one who was lackadaisical about his talent was condemned and what he has was taken from him (Matthew 25:14-30).

We must be up and doing even in that which we call “LITTLE” and despise it not, because that little can take you places if only you can be faithful in doing it. If God is ready to bless the works of your hands and He finds you doing nothing, what then will He bless? Ponder on this!

Therefore, I urge you today to follow through with your plans and priorities. Be at alert at all times so as not to be taken unaware by the changing trends of the society. With excellence, a glorious future is sure.


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Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

Author: Emmanuel Eneojo Samuel

Eneojo Emmanuel, a computer engineer by training, an educationalist with passion and a writer. I find great advantage in travelling, reading and writing. As humans, at some point in life we can get to a cross road and it’s not uncommon for our lives to be unravelled. Hence, my greatest passion is to use my abilities and writings to bring to the consciousness of people that they have a say over their lives and we do not allow circumstances define who we are. I believe there’s a greatness in everyone.

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