Reading is Good, But what are you reading?

Reading Habit

Often times, when you ask people about their hobby, one thing that you commonly hear is “Reading”. Reading is a nice thing, but the question is “What exactly are you reading, and why are you reading it?” Everybody is a reader and anyone can be an avid reader, but the type of material we read and ingest into our mind is also very important.

Reading is the fastest means through which our imaginative mind can travel long distances without necessarily having to be there physically, it opens our mind to see things from the comfort of our rooms. This is because whenever we read, the brain through its “mental workspace” (as described by Alex Schlegel) is able to consciously manipulate symbols, images, ideas and theories. Thus making the image of whatever is described appear in our mind’s eye and also to understand whatever the author is trying to communicate, hence the adoption of the message in the book.

What Are you Reading

This brings me to the point of why we need to be careful and selective with the type of books, contents and materials we read. A lot of people have read books that have marred and mucked their lives and imaginative capacity instead of being beneficial to them.

Our imagination to an extent affects how we see and perceive the world around us, and there’s no doubt that an individual begins to demoralize his/her mind the moment they starts to read immoral and illicit books, because everything described in that book is the only thing the brain can imagine at that point and do not forget this popular saying “if you can imagine it, you can achieve it”.  Read ore on the law of attraction to understand this.

Within the shortest possible time, such mind is already filled with erroneous thoughts which becomes a part of the person as the days goes by, and with time, the curiosity in humans would make such individual to want to experiment whatever he/she has read and imagined from the book. We must learn to guard our minds with the kind of contents we allow into it, because what defiles a man is not what comes out of him, but what he allows into him.

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Author: Emmanuel Eneojo Samuel

Eneojo Emmanuel, a computer engineer by training, an educationalist with passion and a writer. I find great advantage in travelling, reading and writing. As humans, at some point in life we can get to a cross road and it’s not uncommon for our lives to be unravelled. Hence, my greatest passion is to use my abilities and writings to bring to the consciousness of people that they have a say over their lives and we do not allow circumstances define who we are. I believe there’s a greatness in everyone.

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