Learning from the shoulders of Giants

Don’t be a fooled when it comes to knowledge. There are things you should know that you don’t know and there are millions of things you don’t even know you don’t know. The solution is to use other people’s knowledge to supplement for the deficits.

   The importance of getting knowledge from people who have gone ahead of you cannot be overemphasized, as:

  • Brings to you a wider range of experience at your fingertips.
  • It brings your own ideas in comparison with others and gives you a clearer and concise manner to approaching yours.
  • Guards you from going off a path and helps justify whatever you want to do.
  • Gives you a sense of competition.
  • Teaches you loyalty and humility if you learn to heed to others.


There’s nothing on earth that’s new to man. Therefore, there are people who have gone ahead of you that have seen, heard and handled the issues of life to become successful where they are today, and it would be wise of you to start out early in seeking for guidance and advice from them.

Learning from the shoulders of Giants, it gives you room to grow fast, as you avoid the mistakes they might have made.

Another good thing about this is that, those who have gone ahead are willing to help; to them it’s fun and impactful to pass on their advice, experience and expertise to anyone who’s willing.

However, we must be careful in this as well. Anyone we want to get knowledge from must prove himself to have achieved a feat in that which we seek knowledge of, that whatever he’s willing to offer must be that which is pure, that which is noble, that which is of good report, that which is right, that which is lovely, that which is admirable, that which is excellent, that which is worthy enough to be put into practice.

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

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Author: Emmanuel Eneojo Samuel

Eneojo Emmanuel, a computer engineer by training, an educationalist with passion and a writer. I find great advantage in travelling, reading and writing. As humans, at some point in life we can get to a cross road and it’s not uncommon for our lives to be unravelled. Hence, my greatest passion is to use my abilities and writings to bring to the consciousness of people that they have a say over their lives and we do not allow circumstances define who we are. I believe there’s a greatness in everyone.

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