leadership lesson from ants

leadership lesson from ants

“you lazy people,you should watch what the ants do and learn from them.
Ants have no ruler,no boss,and no leader. But in summer, ants gather all their food and save it, so when winter comes there is plenty to eat.” proverbs 6:6-8


I was once walking along my street, when I saw a group of ants, well organized, each focused on its task some formed a fence while others were busy carrying food to and fro the fence. I was intrigued by their coordination, I tried to scatter there pattern with a stick out of sheer curiosity, and with speed they all surrounded the stick I used, stung me and went back to their job. That day i learnt something from the ants and decided to write about it.


5 lessons from the Ants; leadership lesson from ants

UNITY: The ants move in unity, they have an unbelievable spirit of unselfish unity. when they find something edible, they pass on the information to other ants and in quick time they have all gathered around the food. Don’t you notice the way one ant is parading your food crumbs and in little time the place is surrounded by ants.

TEAMWORK: Together Everybody Achieve More, that’s a very popular slogan for TEAM, though the ants are tiny, but together they are a great army, just like my story the way the ants attacked me and my stick.

Each individual ant may be weak but together they are strong. Each ant has its own responsibility, one is carrying food, another moving materials, another tunneling, another searching for food.

Ants are a team, if a grain is too heavy for one to pull alone, quickly others join it to pull together.
“The ants take decision as a team but depend on one another to survive”

Leadership lessons from ants


PLAN: The ants are excellent planners, ”in summer, ants gather all their food and save it” unlike other animals and some humans who devour all there resources on day 1 and end up been in need.
The ants plan ahead of time; they foresee things and prepare for it.

ORGANIZED: In an ants colony there are three types of ants; Workers, Queen, Males. Each doing a different job, the ants are so well organized they practice division of labor.

Ants are highly specialized, and no supervision is involved yet they still do what is expected of them.
“ants are good citizens, they place group interest first”

HARD WORK: On thing you must have observed about the ant is that they carry things bigger than they are, not because they are as strong as superman but because they are hardworking, committed, and determined. They are not only hard working but they are also not scared of heavy and difficult task.

We should try to emulate this qualities from the ants, learn its ways and be wise.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

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