Lead your life

Lead your life


When you’re just living life, there’s every tendency that you will experience the everyday frustrations that most people do. Maybe you work too much, but you still don’t feel like you are ever really going to get to the top. You get stressed, You don’t work-out as much as you should, or you might not have any down time at all, you don’t get to spend as much time with your spouse, kids and friends as you might want. As a result, you often feel guilty. When you’re at home, you think you should be at work; when you’re working, you think you should be at home. But this is a busy time, you tell yourself. Right now life’s a little crazy and I just have to get things done. Even though you’d say you’re happy enough, most of the time anyway, there are plenty of times you wonder if life is passing you by.


When you’re in charge of leading your life, there’s no doubt that you’ll experience everyday as a gift to be opened. You’ll know what’s coming today, because it will be just as you planned it – or even better. You spend your time on the things that are most impactful and most important to you. At work, you’re able to tackle the challenges with confidence and ease. You feel focused, accomplished, and relaxed. At home, you feel content and at peace. No need for guilt, because you’ve made your decisions wisely and in alignment with your values. You spend time with the ones you love, and you still have time for yourself. You may still be busy, but it’s a good busy. Best of all, you’re having fun! You have invested in your life, and you feel rewarded as each day passes by. However, to most people, this kind of living to them is a mirage and can never be.

In this post, I will just outline few things/practices that will help you lead yourself- a process called personal leadership. I believe it is a good place to start:


Practice One: Get Clarity


What exactly do you want?

This first practice of personal leadership is about getting clarity. The business man will tell you that “clarity” equates to setting a vision. To personally lead your life as well, clarity means having the skill to get such a vision quickly, consciously, and confidently again and again as circumstances change and evolve. When you are clear about what you want, you are able to describe it in vivid detail. You know what it will take to get there and how it will feel to arrive at it.

Practice Two: Find Focus

Where will you concentrate your attention?

The second practice of personal leadership is finding focus. “Focus” is often achieved through a strategic plan. Focus comes from the process of prioritization, giving yourself the ability to cut through the chaos of a crowded mind.



Practice Three: Take Action

What do you need to do?

The third practice of personal leadership is taking action – not just any action, but action that is targeted, effective and sustainable. Actions can be random, disorganized and endless, but in leading your life, you must be more clever than that. You can’t just organize your actions but catalyze them to find the swiftest, most powerful ways to attain multiple goals with ease.

Practice Four: Tap into Your Brilliance

What’s unique about you?

Seeing and tapping into your brilliance is a trait that cannot be overemphasized when it comes to leading your life. Most individual are caught up in the characteristics of focusing more on their weaknesses and often time forgetting their strength. The question we are quick to ask ourselves is “Where am I failing and how do I fix it?” To lead, you must learn to ask a different question like: “Where have I excelled, and how do I pull my talents for the best possible results?” In doing this, you improve yourself, not by changing who you are, but by becoming more of who you are.

Practice Five: Experience Fulfillment

What motivates and inspires you?

Experiencing fulfillment is the fifth practice of personal leadership. Fulfillment is often substituted with rewards. If you work hard and do well in your work place, it is expected that you will receive remuneration in form of a salary, a raise or a bonus. But leaders don’t just need to be rewarded, they need to feel rewarded with an experience of motivation, contribution, and meaning. When you experience fulfillment, you move from success to significance.


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Author: Emmanuel Eneojo Samuel

Eneojo Emmanuel, a computer engineer by training, an educationalist with passion and a writer. I find great advantage in travelling, reading and writing. As humans, at some point in life we can get to a cross road and it’s not uncommon for our lives to be unravelled. Hence, my greatest passion is to use my abilities and writings to bring to the consciousness of people that they have a say over their lives and we do not allow circumstances define who we are. I believe there’s a greatness in everyone.

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