we all have dreams and aspirations

we all have a list of things we want to do, places we want to go to

aspirations we want to achieve

we want to do something different

we want to live a life we would be proud of,

we want a lifestyle that we could term fulfiling, rewarding, engaging, let me say sweet.

but too often, it seems like life aint panning in our direction.

some have the money to travel, but no time

others have the luxury of time but no money

while some people are trapped on a job they dont like,

other are looking for a way to get those jobs, sad right?

most people took their job out of the rush to quickly an income,
now they are trapped in the rat race, you know they thought they could switch careers at some point in their life, but then life happened. one thing led to the other and you fall a victim of pakitson law, and now they are trapped.

you know, sometimes you feel you are not maximizing your potentials enough and you feel you deserve more, you deserve better. your health is in jeopardy your youthful age is slipping away gently and time is running out to do those thngs you’ve always wanted to do.

you remember you wanted to be in forbes 30 under 30 and your birthday is just some few months away and you are no where close, you pick up your childhood diary as you laugh at the things you wanted to achieve at 25, places you wanted to go before 28, things you should have done before 29 and voila your birthday is weeks away and you havent done any of those.

your story is turning to another one for motivational speakers to tell to young people, dont be like him.

for those of us still in our young age with goals and aspirations, today is the day you need to make that shift, you are either in or out. make that shift and choose your career path carefully, choose your lifestyle.

do you still sit around all day, bored with no excitement in your life as you watch your favorite TV series imagining how beautiful your life could be if you make that shift, oh thank God its friday, premier league matches will be showing on saturday and your favorite club would be playing.
let me not even talk about about our addictions to social media.

i always tell people, there will always be an excuse, so now tell me whats your excuse for not doing that which you really want to do.
whats your best excuse, tell me.

if you feel you are too old and cant achieve all your goals anymore, then pick up new goals, and run after it.
if you feel you are young and there is still time, think again because one night you are 21 the next you could be at your last born graduation from university, probably telling him to make that shift.

live your life

oh live your life my good friends
before you die, live.

Author: Leaders digest

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