Deal Diligently

I’ve been working with some clients in developing their brands – from the identity to the culture, language, etc…

Once I was late in delivering to a client about a few days. Honestly I had a legit reason – I broke down after giving over 40hrs in a single week to creating some of her Brand materials.

She called in disappointed, I apologized profusely and yet delivered my job in the best quality possible.

As a way of apologizing, I sent her a Frame I had been awarded with at an international conference.

Would that restore the time lost? No! would that sooth the pain (maybe), but that would leave my brand in her heart for a long time.

Deal honestly, deal diligently, Deal the extra Mile!!!

Word of mouth referral remains the best marketing strategy – Pay it Forward!

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Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

Author: Bryte Chinule

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