Leadership Suicide

Leadership Suicide

“You don’t exist if no one notices you” Nicola Yoon – Everything, Everything.

This week I heard of a story of a woman that used her car and drove off third mainland bridge in Lagos because she felt so ashamed of life.  How many of us are at the verge of committing a leadership suicide?


Leadership is like music, the same way each song has its own melody is the same way we each have our own leadership styles. No two leaders are ever the same. If they are, one is not on the right track.  When you have been given an opportunity to lead, you have been given an opportunity most importantly to learn.


Y.C. Halan said in his book Managing Leadership that “The primary responsibility of a leader is to set the goal that should be clear and inspiring”. We commit suicide in our leadership when we go beyond this primary responsibility.


When we try to please everybody, you are committing suicide. When you make sure people have the perfect character, you are committing suicide. It’s not that pleasing people and making people have the perfect character is bad but when you’ve tried your best and they still won’t change then they have the problem not you.


Leaders have so much on their head that a little criticism can hurt so deep. When you allow people who you lead to start taking advantage of you, then you may just head on to third mainland bridge. You are a leader and you must protect your dignity and integrity. It is ok to cut people off. Have an invisible scissors anytime you are with people who bring you down.


Cut the link and be free. We need you to lead other people who would respect you, if the people you are leading now don’t know your value then don’t give up. Don’t head onto third mainland just cut them off and find new people. Your style of leadership is what someone else craves for. No style is ever strange; it’s only strange to the person who can’t appreciate it.


Today’s challenge? Do not commit leadership suicide; the world needs leaders like you.

Photo by Ethan Weil on Unsplash

“Mistakes are an important part of the learning process- at every level”  Bev James

Author: Musa Obed

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