Let Love Lead

We live in a time where people look for various means to happiness. We see people trying everything humanly and inhumanly possible just to be happy, but even at that, it seems the more they try, the more the thirst for happiness increases. And one common thing that people seek solitude in is the evolution of technological gadgets. They think about getting the latest technology immediately there is a new release in the market, hoping this will make them happy. But at that, it doesn’t. Until we come to understand that the best path to a victorious life is LOVE, we will hardly experience the fullness therein that life has got to offer.  LOVE as used in this context is not the abused definition we have given to it in the world we live in. Now, when people hear the word LOVE, the first thing that comes to mind is a romantic relationship between opposite sex, but far beyond that, LOVE is an ingredient which will help you in all the sectors of your life. It brings everything to fruition. It helps the world to spin.

LOVE as used in this article is that which consist of both “self-love” and” love for others”. When you look upon others with love, even those who have wronged you, you will realize there is abundance of love around you and you do not suffer nor are you in pain from the dart they throw at you. You find you have enough but could go on having more if you are interested in the solid golden ways that invite you in your life.

The aspect of Self-love is of great importance that you can only love others after you have loved yourself.  Until you have given yourself enough love and acknowledge all your flaws, try to improve on them and love yourself even more, then it is time to start loving others.

Though the amount of love you give others varies from person to person (that’s base on the closeness of relationship that exist among us). We know in most cases, family comes first. So you should give your family members all the love you can, even if they are not perfect (who is anyways?). You can gently remind them where they are doing wrong and they will happily correct themselves (even if they don’t, be happy you spoke to them about it). Next is our love for friends and colleagues and lastly the acquaintances and strangers we meet in our life journeys.

All that is mentioned above are important because you don’t know who you will need in your life sooner or later. But that should still not dispute the fact that the magnitude of love on your part towards others should be varying as explained.

Give yourself all the love you need from the core of your heart, only then can you contribute your love to others in every way you can. Life is all about love. Always remember love is the strongest “vibrational” energy in the world. It can move mountains and build stars high up in the sky. So it is up to you – how much love you are giving out to the outside world and how much you are reaping the rewards in return for what you are already dissipating. LET LOVE LEAD


Author: Emmanuel Eneojo Samuel

Eneojo Emmanuel, a computer engineer by training, an educationalist with passion and a writer. I find great advantage in travelling, reading and writing. As humans, at some point in life we can get to a cross road and it’s not uncommon for our lives to be unravelled. Hence, my greatest passion is to use my abilities and writings to bring to the consciousness of people that they have a say over their lives and we do not allow circumstances define who we are. I believe there’s a greatness in everyone.

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