Life is a boomerang

Life is a boomerang

When I was in secondary school, SS2 particularly, we were about to be appointed prefects. I hated it. I preferred reading my books than chasing juniors up and down. We had this training for potential prefects so that they would know what they are steeping into.

Guess what? Out of two weeks training I only went the first day. I was not all psyched about leading people but sometimes life would force you into it. Life would make you a Picasso when you think you are Beethoven.  I rejected all proposals to be prefect of any post that year, yes I hated it that bad.

Guess what though? Three months later, I became the school President. That is the biggest irony I have seen so far in my life. How many of you feel like all the responsibility you ran away from found a way to get back to you? I know I feel like it. We are born to lead, you are born to lead.

There is no escape route for leadership. Every train station stops there, every marriage, every diploma requires it. Or else you want to live in a cave you just have to start embracing the coat of leadership.

When the responsibility comes back, trust me it does so in many folds. Remember when as a kid you never ironed your clothes because you had your parents to help you? Who is ironing their clothes with yours now?

Every time life tells you to catch, better catch if not next time it might tell you to run when you feel paralyzed. As leaders we should not sugarcoat excuses so that we would escape responsibilities rather, embrace the responsibility now so that later the reward would be far greater.

Today I want you to face the responsibility head on because it would surely come back in ten folds tomorrow. Treat it while it is still tame.

“Every time you give up on an issue, you become absolutely hopeless” David Oyedepo

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

Author: Musa Obed

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