Relationship Talk: what should a woman watch out for?

Too blinded by love

I couldn’t see through your lies

Always acted like a love-struck puppy around you

Talked your ears off

About my dreams and future

Hoping you’d share the same excitement with me

You didn’t.

Yet, I looked past that

Because of how deep I was in the ocean of our love.

I didn’t see the shark coming.

Blinded by our love, I didn’t hear the snake hissing

Hand in hand we walked to a beautiful castle,

With a red carpet at the threshold.

I felt like royalty

A queen with a loving king by her side.

With one hand

You reached into your pocket.

My heart skipped a beat or two,

Tears glistened my eyes.

You held up the Pandora’s box,

I screamed with joy like a banshee

When my eyes beheld the glorious beauty that was to be my ring.

But you pulled the trigger when you asked,

“you think she’ll love it?”

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

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Author: Hope Alfred

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