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Say bye to Ego: Don’t let it get in the way

Say bye to Ego


Ego is pride. The feeling of I deserve all the glory and can do it all. Ego is a mistake and should never be part of your resume.


“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know” – Lao Tzu


Is it not astonishing to realize that when we were in school, the smartest kids never caused so much attention. They were more quiet than the rest and always reserved their words.


Is it not also astonishing that when a literate and illiterate are put together, the latter always seems to be more vocal. People who do not know and they think they know are the most dangerous set of human beings because they think they know while they are wallowing in ignorance.


Ego would rather make vocal action than physical action. Ego is that spoilt child in our neighborhood, the one who always says “Do you know who my father is?”.

Ego prefers being a master than a servant.

Ego makes you think you achieved greatness all by yourself.


Big mistake, people as well as your faith helped you reach that greatness. In life, greatness is always beyond one man’s capacity. Every time you succeed at something, your ego sets in to take all the glory.


To let people know that you did it by yourself. Ego wants to hear the praises from other people. Ego is like an unlearned Nebuchadnezzar.


When things eventually go downhill, your ego finds a way to shift the blame to someone else. Guilty? I know I am. Very few people accept responsibility of failure. Most of those who run away from that responsibility are driven by ego.


They don’t want their reputation or career to be broken.


There are three ways to make sure that Ego would not ruin your life or at least try to.

  1. You must find people greater than you that makes you work harder.
  2. You need people in your life who need to know your experience of failure. People who are not in your level and you can impact positively by sharing your experiences.
  3. Find a mate. An inner circle that always provoke the best in you. People who give constructive criticism. We all need people in our lives who would tell us the truth only, no matter how painful it is. Your ability to swallow that truth and work with it is a sure way to get rid of your ego.

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