Lazy! lazy! Lazy! Every time the word is mentioned it’s reckoned as a bad character or it diminishes the character it’s associated with, Lazy Boy, Lazy Dog, Lazy Nigerians … I’m sure we’ve all been called lazy either directly or indirectly in our lifetime.

All through my life that word has never been associated with any positive value. Don’t be Lazy, there is no food for a Lazy Man. I sure do believe in diligence and I’m not for laziness but I stumbled upon a value in Laziness that many haven’t noticed in Edward de Bono’s book ‘Simple’.

Have you ever noticed that when we’re Lazy we tend to have the brightest ideas on how to do things easily. Our brains tend to think of more possibilities and faster ways to get things done. Laziness brings about simplicity, the world is complex and our minds tend to think that way.

Trust me, you might not want to be Lazy, work with or Hire someone that’s lazy but you sure could make use of a Lazy person’s advice (which I call a ‘Lazy advice’) today.

When faced with a challenge which seems to defy all odds seek don’t rule out a Lazy advice, The answers to Life’s difficult challenges are simple ones. Surely there could other values in Laziness or other similar ‘bad virtues’ that hasn’t been discovered.

Bill Gates once said that he would always “hire a lazy person to do a difficult job” at Microsoft. … “Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

Train your mind to make the best out of every situation and think outside the Box at all times this would surely single you out of the crowd.

Author: Leaders digest

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