before the war

Before the war

Before the war

Before the war

There were days we wouldn’t stand each other

And days our bodies danced to a rhythm

On a starry night

We took a walk in the park

Laughter filled the air

Until he stopped and looked me in the eyes,

We kissed with so much passion

I thought I’d go insane.

When we pulled apart for air

I saw the trust in his eyes, the longing and sadness

I knew it was time for him to leave for war

When he left

Everyday I’d sit by the window, waiting for his return

Praying for his call

But nothing happened.

After the war

They came to me

Told me he went missing in action

I was torn between hoping for his arrival

And mourning his loss.

I waited

Held on the memories we created

Reminiscing the last night we kissed.

But the soldier never came back

I told myself never will a soldier go to war with my heart

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Photo by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash

Author: Hope Alfred

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