small girl, big god

Small Girl, Big god.

Small Girl, Big god.

Like an impatient dog

I wanted to grow up quickly,

Neglected my innocent age

and tossed it aside like a ragged doll.

Forced the little things

I had to grow without hesitation,

poor things went through hell

just to please and satisfy me.

I was young, dumb and stupid

But I didn’t know this,

I just wanted to slay.

The attentions I got were mind-blowing,

my mates, I looked on as little kids

Whose eyes were still innocent.

I rolled with men older than creation,

I felt like a small girl with big god.

My pursuit of big assets, money and fame

Led to my shame.

My future I wrote off with my own hands and condemned it to damnation.

I enjoyed the luxury of life

And saw the prices to pay as too little,

Everywhere I entered I swayed

my hips just to get attention

But those attentions I lost

When I was on my sick bed,

Battling for my damaged life and goods.

No gods to bring me flowers, chocolate and money,

Only my sad family stood by and

Watched me turn to a corpse.

I hope my story inspires you,

To let your body and soul grow

When it’s their time.

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Photo by Nicolai Berntsen on Unsplash

Author: Hope Alfred

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