Voting in Nigeria: 10 Reasons you should Vote in the 2019 General election


“Bad officials are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.” George Jean Nathan

Story Story!!!

voting in nigeria

I remember in 2014 when I decided the time was right for me to contest in the keenly contested position of president of my department in school, I was fit to run for the position. I was in good academic standing (were you thinking otherwise), I had served in the senate for a year, I was popular, I was credible and capable, I have a degree in voting.

When I declared my interest informally to my coursemates who would eventually be my voters, they were excited to hear the news I assume, remember I was popular credible.

And my course boys were the most united coursemates you could think of, more united than Manchester united. We did so many things together, pray, play, eat, argue, etc our bond was formidable.

I was running unopposed (bad guy right), it was all fun and games, till my friend decided to run for the same position. I was like “Bro, bro, bro, I thought you had my back” why you gon do me like this man. Long and short, I wish to say I won but, God knows best. I lost with only 1 vote my friend had 234 votes as against my 233 votes. I didn’t cry till I got to my room and realized my 2 roommates didn’t vote, I mean these guys thought it wasn’t necessary to vote. Can you imagine the slander, the audacity, the effrontery?

The moral behind my story is that we should vote in the upcoming 2019 general elections, and if you are wondering why you should vote, I will give you 10 reasons why you need to vote, follow me;

  1. So you can complain with your chest;

While I am not an encourager of complaints, but imagine it when you are having a conversation with your friends about the government, good or bad, you will say “ na we put am there, if he no work, we go comot am again” rather than “had I known”.

2. If you don’t vote for your own interests, who will?

It is really important to be politically active, listen to the candidates, go for their town hall meetings, ask them questions, put them on their feet. They may never come out to listen to you again, till next election so vote for your own

3. Because the rest of us are depending on you to make an informed decision in voting:

We are counting on you the way Chelsea needed John Terry to score the deciding penalty in the 2008 champions league final, or the way Barcelona depends on Messi. We need you to defeat Thanos, the leadership issue of Nigeria. Your vote will go a long way. Help us!!!

4. Some people have and fought died; they are counting on you.

Some people have fought in the army and several civil right activists have fought for you to be able to vote freely, don’t waste their effort. Just imagine the time some people could not vote freely, and some men and women had to fight for this, there was a time women could not vote. But now we can, we can’t let their efforts waste.

5. 1 is too small a number to vote bad government out; we need you:

What will you tell your children, that you refused to vote because you felt your vote would be insignificant, imagine if one of my roommates had voted, my CV will be reading something different today.


6.  Be part of making history happen:

History is about to happen in this election, honestly, if you look at it, in the 1999 presidential elections, guess how many candidates we had, I said guess why are you still reading, okay I will tell you. We had just 2, just two presidential candidates, but today 20 year later we currently have 79 people who think they are good enough to be president of Nigeria. Be a part of history by casting your vote. There are many new interesting candidates now, don’t box yourself into thinking there are only two candidates. It’s like only buying vanilla or strawberry every time you go to the ice cream store, look around there are so many other flavours, you can mix.

7. You may not care much now, but it will affect us all:

yes, you don’t care I get, I didn’t care in 2015 elections too, but we are all beneficiaries of the outcome of the election. there are three kind of people on earth. Those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that don’t even know things are happening. Where will you fall in this presidential election? Making things happen or watching things happen, at least you know things are happening.

8. It’s Kind of our duty to vote.

Did I say Kind of, please strike that out, it is our Civic responsibility to vote. I know the queue may be long, but just imagine they are sharing *insert your favorite food* at the end of the line, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind waiting.

one time I remember going to Cold-stone on the day they were doing buy one get one free, with my agbada I joined the queue; I swallowed any pride that was in me and waited.

9. Chain reaction increases voters turnout;

So now you have decided to vote I know, I know because I have seen it in your eyes. Imagine the day you are going to vote, your brother will follow you, since you are popular on twitter, kpakam you post it and your followers will also go and vote, your neighbors will follow you. Now you have become a pace setter. A leader without a title.

10. NO PVC NKO? No Voting?

And for you without your PVC, please go and collect your PVC, if you still have the temporary, go and change it for the permanent and so shall your blessings be permanent. Can I get an amen?

You can use this link to locate your PVC if you haven’t gotten yours



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