Tope had to pay his children’s fees, he had to pay the medical bills and he also had to pay his house rent. Tope decided to suck up all his savings to meet these urgent needs. He did not have anything left in his account and four months later, Tope began collecting loans not knowing how he will pay back. It did not take long before Tope realized his world was tearing apart. His children went to his brother’s house, his health got worst and the banks were on his neck because of his debts. Tope decided to take his life.

How many Tope’s do you know in this life? Maybe you are one yourself. People tend to find an escape for their problems not knowing that the problem itself will make them better. When people are in need of money they meet friends, banks, uncles to get help. When someone is broken hearted, they stay secluded and drench themselves in depression. When students don’t get good results, they pay for it and cheat to get it.

Today I want you to know that every problem has a solution. A problem would not have met you if it knew you could not solve it. The same way the apostle Paul said that “God is faithful, he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it”. When you are faced with life’s rotten wounds, you have to face the problem not back down, because you have what it takes to overcome that problem.

I am currently reading Robert T. Kiyosaki’s ‘Increase your financial IQ’ and he gave an example of the problem solving approach. Robert wanted to buy a Bentley convertible but it cost $200,000. The problem with that was that as soon as that car left the dealer it became $125,000. He had the money to buy the car but that would be a waste of 75,000. Want to know what Robert did? Yes? Me too. Robert called his broker (salesperson) and told him to withdraw $200,000 from his savings and turn it into $450,000. Mad abi? It took his broker, Tom, eight months to make that happen and at the end of the day, Robert had his Bentley, his initial $200,000 and also an extra $50,000 to pay Tom and offset taxes.

Why don’t you try taking Robert’s approach to problems? You don’t have to cut back on having a good life, just look for what will make that life possible. Look for opportunities, for better jobs, better knowledge. Life after all is supposed to be enjoyed when you are alive not dead. If you spend your whole working for money and not yourself you have wasted it.  Look for steps to make the problem a solution; don’t go around finding a shortcut. When you solve the problem of academics by studying, the problem of rent by being more productive, the problem of debt by working and spending wiser, you have then found the solution and neglected the loan. Loans always lead to debt but solutions only make you wiser to face the next challenge.

If challenges don’t come in your life, I doubt you are living one.


Today’s challenge? Face the problem, raise $450,000 to buy the Bentley, and forget the road to taking a loan


Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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