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Insights from How to fail at Almost Everything and still win Big by Scott Adams

“The best way to increase your odds of success, in a way that might look like luck to others, is to systematically become good, but not amazing, at the types of skills that work well together and are highly useful for just about any job” Scott Adams


I saw a tweet from one of my followers that reads, that earlier in the year she wanted get at least 100 rejections before the end of the year, thus she applied to several positions and opportunities, but unfortunately she had to quit that call, because  there were too many acceptances.


The Author believed there are three universal kills that increases ones odds of professional Success


  1. Clear writing: He explained the difference between direct writing and passive writing in business writing, while direct writing make helps the brain process information faster, the takes longer time for the brain to process information in passive writing.

The difference is in the detail, removing the unnecessary jargon. “The boy hit the ball” that’s a direct writing “The ball was hit by the boy” that’s passive, you get the gist now.



  1. Making Conversation: Whoever knew smiling was a form of conversation, or using open body language. The goal is to set a common ground between your client and yourself. You can do that by introducing yourself and getting your client to talk by asking open ended questions. i.e get them to talk about their hobbies and likes, or favorite city visited.

The secret is to understand that people may be shy, but they will easily talk about something interesting to them, to sound knowledgeable. Nothing is easier than making someone talk about himself.



  1. Persuasion: “No matter your calling in life, you’ll spend a great deal of time trying to persuade people to do one thing or another”

Either as anything you are, the idea is always to win people over in one way or the other, you’d have to persuade, and the better you’re at that the better. Certain words helps in persuasion i.e “would you mind” it’s like a plea and a command, it’s a powerful combination



As an individual I’d want to take on more risk and fail, rather than doing less and win

Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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