Leaders Love Feedback, My Toastmasters Experience

Leaders Love Feedback, My Toastmasters Experience


“Success in any area requires constantly readjusting your behaviour as a result of feedback” Micheal Celb

The person who tells you your zip is open before climbing the stage to address the audience is not your enemy, that person is your friend. Leaders know the difference between helpful Feedback and spiteful criticism. You welcome the former and ignore the latter.

I have learnt this better on the toastmasters program, feedbacks are actually just as important as any  other assignment. Because we grow by feedbacks and not by false applause, we need people in our lives who we can trust to give us helpful constructive feedback . But most importantly as a leader, you must learn how to give helpful constructive feedback.

Like we do on the toastmasters platform I would recommend same to every Leader in giving feedbacks, it is known as the sandwich method;

Commend: something you like about the persons work, effort or speech. Let them know what they did excellently

Recommend: what you feel they could do better, or what they could improve upon. Remember to do this in the most respectful way you can

Commend: then you commend again what the person did well, encouraging them to try again.

you can join a toastmaster club via this link 


Leaders are more interested in fixing problems than in passing blame

True leadership is about the people

“True Leadership must be for the benefit of the people, not for the enrichment of the institutions” Loren Greshmam

Bureaucrats run institutions, Leaders lead people. There’s a great difference in the two, leaders are in the business of people, not things.

While bureaucrats are filled with rules, regulations, memorandum Leaders deal with people. And they know how to deal and thrive with people.

Leaders recognize that people are dynamic beings and have the capacity to give as well as receive, people need to be led, as they strive on instructions and directions.

leaders are also the first to ask for forgiveness, you can read about it here 


Author: Victor Adeyemo

Victor Adeyemo is a Leadership and high performance coach, an Event decorator and MC. He is the team leader of Leaders Digest

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